About Us

The Foundation for American Cultural Exchanges (FACE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION with a mission to develop, design and support efforts in bridging cultural differences between America and other countries of the world. FACE also provides/produces programs designed to promote positive attitudes and self-awareness for under-represented youth and senior citizens in American inner-cities.

The corporation achieves its purpose through corporate mission goals in education, cultural exchanges and economic development programs; as well as creating and producing domestic/international events, programs, projects and activity initiatives.
Founded on August 30, 2006, FACE officers and directors bring experience that spans over a century of meeting goals, benchmarks and fulfilling missions.

Executive Board

JoAnn Gillam, Co-Founder

Daniel A.E. Lewis, III
Executive Vice President

William “Bill” Shaw
VP Project YES

Nicola Merry

Karen Robinson
Corporate Secretary

Bill Sallette, EA
Corporate Treasurer
Board of Directors

Mayra Fernandez, PhD
VP Education Curriculum

Deidre Burke
VP Arts & Humanities

Cleo Hill Jackson
VP Political Emissary

Dr. Larry “Cocoa” Weldon
VP Political Emissary

Ara Kachadourian, MBA
VP Economic Development

Chi Lam, Professor
VP Asian Education Partnerships
Advisory Board

Apollo, Artist
FACE Logo Designer

Diana Baptie
Community Activist & Business Owner

Keariene Muizz, Executive Director
Positive Resistance, Inc.

Shozo Ueda, Managing Director
Internship Program Agency

Wanda Wallace, President
Wallace Art Foundation, Inc.

Mary Stewart, Co-Founder
(Former) President/CEO

Please make all tax exempt donations directly to FACE.
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